2019 Common Election results

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Successful representatives
Anna campbell
Eugene Joseph Coutinho
David John France
Natasha McIndoe
Anna O'Farrell

We therefore declare the following duly elected:

Mrs Anna campbell, Mr Eugene Joseph Coutinho, Mr David John France, Mrs Natasha McIndoe and Mrs Anna O'Farrell.

McIntyre Craig
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Meet your representatives

Anna campbell

My name is Anna Campbell and I am standing for re-election to St Marys Board of Trustees. I've enjoyed contributing to the strategic direction of the school and would like to continue to be part of the cohesive and collaborative Board.

In my time on the board I've always kept the children front of mind. I'm committed to preparing our students to be flexible, adaptable and technically skilled for an increasingly changing work environment. This requires meaningful learning experiences, permission to be innovative, and the opportunity to unleash their curiosity. I believe in creating a modern learning environment where each child can achieve in a way that suits their passions. I’m committed to ensuring our children get a solid academic education that prepares them for the future they choose.

I’m also committed to the wellbeing of our teachers. To create enable our students to flourish the teaching team need to feel valued, highly engaged, personally curious and have a deep commitment to foster learning. I get the importance of culture and leadership and can support the leadership team to retain the great working environment. This is critical to retain our quality teachers.

I believe every student and staff member deserves the opportunity to realize their full potential.

Two of my three sons are students at St Mary’s, the oldest attends Rosmini. The catholic character of our school community plays such an important part in forming their identity. I’m confident the grounding they get at St Marys will support them to be happy, confident people who positively contribute to their families, communities and society.

I’m currently a Director and run a consultancy practice. Previously I’ve held senior roles in both public and private businesses and bring a wealth of experience about building high performance teams, organisations and customer experience.

I sit on a number of Boards: Advisory Board Chair for a tech start-up and membership on Business, Academic and not for profit Boards. I completed the Institute of Directors qualification programme and am a member.

I’m excited about the journey St Mary’s is on and believe my experience will continue to add value to our school. If I am re-elected to the Board of Trustees I believe I can assist to ensure the continued good governance of the school and ensure a strong partnership between the Board, school leaders, parish, parents and students.

Eugene Joseph Coutinho

My name is Eugene Coutinho and I am standing for St Mary's School (Northcote) School Board. I currently have my daughter Ariya in Year 3 and my son Markus who will join school in a couple of years. My wife Sue-Ellen is a Centre Director at an Early Childhood Centre in Glenfield and is also involved in education sector. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Commerce / Accountancy and have worked in New Zealand's energy sector for over 10 years.

As a member of the community and the parish I would like to contribute to the on-going education and well being of the school by supporting the school to create a stronger sense of community. To me ensuring high quality communication, transparency about issues that will affect our children, the staff and our school community are of great importance. If elected I look forward to working together with the board of trustee to create positive outcome for our children and prepare them for their future.

Thank you for considering my application for your Board of Trustees.


David John France

My name is David France and I am standing for the St Mary’s School Board. I am currently Chair of the Board of Trustees and have been a Trustee since 2016.

My wife, Lynette and I have one daughter at St Mary’s in Year 6 and a son in Year 2. I myself am a past pupil of St Mary's as are all my brothers and sisters, and their children. Before we came to the school my father was here as a pupil as well (back then it was called St Dominic’s). So in short my family has a lengthy association with St Mary's Primary and St Mary's parish.

I am a lawyer at a law firm called Kiely Thompson Caisley. For the past 21 years I have specialised in employment law, education law and health and safety, and on numerous occasions acted for Boards of Trustees and individual teachers on employment related matters.

I have enjoyed the opportunity I have had over the past 3 years to use my expertise to contribute to the governance and development of St Mary's. During this period the Board has established an excellent working relationship with Michelle Holly and we have seen some great outcomes for the school and the students. An exceptional ERO report was received in 2017; a new school logo was introduced created by our very own students; and the Marian Garden was planned and constructed recognising the importance Our Lady plays within the St Mary’s school. At the end of 2018 we introduced an ambitious 3 year Strategic Plan for the School designed to empower and inspire our children throughout their education at St Mary’s, and beyond.

Like all parents I want my children to gain through their time at St Mary’s a love of education and a good understanding of what it means to be a Catholic, so that when they leave they have the skills and attributes necessary to maximise their potential as they become young adults. There is still plenty of work we all can do to support the progression of the school. I would welcome the opportunity to continue to work for St Mary’s as a Trustee for the next 3 years.


Natasha McIndoe

My name is Natasha McIndoe and I am standing for the St Mary’s Board of Trustees. I am a mother to 2 boys, both of whom currently attend St Mary’s. I have been part of the St Mary’s parent community for six years and have been actively involved in supporting the school through a number of sporting and fundraising activities.

I firmly believe that school and parents have a joint responsibility to prepare and support our children for the rapidly changing world they are learning in, and will one day work in. We need to be able to equip them to navigate through the increasing digital and automation changes, and the speed of this change. The rate of change in the way our children are learning is highly evident to me when I reflect on the differences in learning experiences between my two children. Both continue to have great learning experiences, however in the space of three years I have seen a big difference in the learning environment which is highly influenced by the rapid pace of technical change.

Alongside this ever-changing world is also the need for our children to be able to relate to others, collaborate in a meaningful way and understand the consequences of their actions. I firmly believe both the special character of our school and the charism have a significant contribution in developing our children to be the best versions of themselves.

Over the last 20 years I have worked in a variety of Human Resources roles in large corporate, professional and financial services organisations. This has included partnering with senior executive teams to support the management and development of staff and building capability across an organisation. Over the last 8 years my roles have involved a significant amount of change management activity. I therefore understand how crucial it is to ensure that everyone involved in any aspect of organisational change, regardless of their role or level, is supported through the entire process.

I see being a parent representative on the Board as another opportunity to give back to the school that is providing for my children and I would very much enjoy being able to contribute to the future of our school.

Anna O'Farrell

My name is Anna O’Farrell and I am standing for the position of Parent Representative for the St Mary’s (Northcote) School Board.

I am passionate about education and its impact on our young people. It is vital that we as parents, support schools to provide the best possible opportunities for students regardless of ability or individual needs. Each and every St Mary’s student deserves to be in a learning environment that is stable, caring, encourages resilience and values diversity. In the face of recent educational changes and nationwide teacher unrest, it is our job as parents to help support our school to remain true to the essence of the values that we, as a Catholic community, hold dear.

I am currently a dean and a language teacher at Carmel College. I have lived and taught in several countries and in worked in varied educational contexts. This has given me an appreciation for the New Zealand school system and the many future-focused opportunities available to our students. I am passionate about schools equipping our kids with skills both social and academic that they will need in this ever-changing world. My qualifications include a post-graduate diploma in secondary teaching from the University of Canterbury, a MA and LLB from the University of Auckland. Studying law has contributed to my ability to understand the importance of policy as well as administrative procedure . My husband Paul is originally from Ireland and is also involved in education through his role of Principal at a private training establishment. Education is always at the forefront of our minds. Our daughters Meadhbh and Saoirse are in Year 4 and 5 at St Mary’s. We are excited to be part of the directional changes of the school and love all of the opportunities for curriculum learning outside of the classroom that have been offered as well as fantastic extra-curricular programmes. I would welcome the opportunity to further support the school with future plans.

I believe that this trustee’s role is to be approachable and to listen to parent voice. Together we can ensure that the aspirations of parents for both their children and the direction of the school are implemented by the board.

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